Hammock chairs differ from regular hammocks because they allow for sitting upright, while still giving all the comfort and support of a hammock. Hammock chairs are suspended from a strong dowel or metal rod, which is then suspended from an overhead beam or sturdy tree branch. A fabric hammock chair is a fairly simple project which can also make a nice handmade gift.

Step 1

Cut a 40-by-80 inch length of fabric in half so that it is two squares of fabric, 40-by-40 inches.

Step 2

Fold all the raw edges of both squares of fabric into a 1/4-inch double seam and sew with a sewing machine on a straight stitch.

Step 3

Sew the two halves together along one edge using double stitch on the sewing machine, then fold that seam over and sew it down again with double stitch to create a strong join. The halves represent the back and seat of the hammock chair.

Step 4

Place three eyelets on either side of the back and seat, just in from the seam at the edge. Press the eyelets together to attach them to the sides of the hammock chair, then cut out the fabric from the inside of the eyelets using scissors.

Step 5

Drill a pilot hole, sized to fit the eye bolts, 2 inches in through each end of a 45-inch long piece of 3-inch diameter dowel. Screw in the eye bolts and tighten them with the accompanying nuts.

Step 6

Cut a length of strong, non-stretch rope into 12 pieces that are about 3 yards longer than the height at which the hammock chair will hang. For example, a hammock chair that will hang 2 yards from a porch beam or tree branch will need 5 yard rope pieces.

Step 7

Tie a knot in the end of each of the pieces of rope, then thread the other end of each piece of rope through an eyelet on the hammock chair; the knots should be on the back side of the fabric.

Step 8

Tie the six lengths of rope that are threaded through the eye bolts on the seat of the hammock chair to the eye bolts secured to the dowel at 36 inches up from the hammock chair seat.

Step 9

Tie the first two ropes (one from each side) of the back of the hammock chair to the eye bolts at 30 inches up from the hammock chair back. The next two should be tied at 24 inches and the remaining two 18 inches up -- this gives the back of the hammock chair an incline.

Step 10

Braid the loose ends of the rope on each side of the dowel hanging beam.

Step 11

Drill a pilot hole for two 3-inch swivel eye bolts right through a strong porch beam or tree branch approximately 45 inches apart. Screw in the swivel eye bolts and tighten with the accompanying nuts.

Step 12

Tie the braided ends of the rope onto the swivel eye bolt, ensuring the chair is hanging evenly at the desired height.