How to Build Turkey Pens

How to Build Turkey Pens. Build a pen to raise turkeys as a permanent or temporary structure. There are similarities between the turkey pen and a chicken coop, and you can use some of the same materials when you build. Make sure there is enough space and that the design helps keep away disease.

Step 1

Decide on a permanent or movable pen for turkeys. The movable pen lets you to control manure and grass.

Step 2

Determine the location for the pen. When raising turkeys, have space inside to protect the young birds from weather and preying animals. Plan on 6 square feet per bird.

Step 3

Mark off the perimeter, and place the posts at intervals frequent enough to keep the fencing fairly taught and secure.

Step 4

Choose woven wire field fence that allows the turkeys to see out, but doesn't allow predators to get in.

Step 5

Install the woven wire field fence around the perimeter. Build a temporary pen for turkeys by using metal T-posts that you can remove later, or use wood slats to connect the field fence for a more permanent structure.

Step 6

Cover the top with chicken coop wire. Contrary to popular belief, turkeys can fly and can get over a fence. A top to the coop keeps turkeys safe from predators.

Step 7

Use a tarpaulin to create a shaded area of the turkeys' pen.