Greatland Outdoors Sun Shelter Canopy Assembly Instructions

Lightweight and portable, a Greatland Outdoors sun shelter canopy makes a great addition to your day at the beach, backyard barbeque or weekend camping trip. An affordable Target product, the 10 x 10-foot shelter blocks the sun's harmful UV rays providing protection for your skin and a sanctuary from the heat or rain. With clearly marked poles in color coded bags, you can assemble the Greatland sun shelter in just minutes making it a convenient shade structure for your outdoor activities.

Step 1

Remove poles and canvas cover from carry bag. Organize poles and connecting hubs into groups according to the numbers on the poles. Poles numbered 1 are for the roof, 2 for the eaves and 3 for the legs.

Step 2

Insert a 1 pole on both sides of a 1-A pole. Do the same for the 2 and 2-A poles.

Step 3

Assemble the roof section first. Slot one end of the #1 poles into the "ridge hub" and the other ends into the "corner hubs." Insert both ends of the #2 poles into the horizontal connectors on the corner hubs connecting all four corners. Attach the first leg poles, the #3 poles, to the corner hub.

Step 4

Slide shelter cover over the frame structure. Situate the shelter cover so the cover corners align with the frame's corner hubs.

Step 5

Assemble the legs. Insert the #3-A poles into the numbered three poles and the #4 poles into the three-A poles. Put the "pole base" on the bottom of each leg.

Step 6

Attach the cover hooks at the bottom of the cloth legs to the base of the frame legs. Stake legs to the ground.

Step 7

Connect guy strings to the D-rings on the cover corners. Stake guy strings to the ground keeping a 45 degree angle.