How to Cure Concrete Driveways

Concrete develops its strength through a process known as curing, in which the material reacts to water and becomes hard. This is called hydration. Without proper curing, a concrete driveway will dry weak and will develop cracks. Concrete develops most of its strength from curing within the first three days of installation. The easiest way to cure a concrete driveway is to keep it continuously wet with water and plastic sheeting. Begin the curing process immediately after pouring and finishing the driveway.

Step 1

Connect a soaker hose to your garden hose and place the soaker component at the top of the driveway. Turn on the water to the soaker hose and let it run until the entire driveway is wet.

Step 2

Cover the wet driveway with plastic sheeting. The plastic sheeting will keep the water from evaporating. Anchor the sheeting with bricks or rocks to keep the wind from blowing it away. Turn off the soaker hose.

Step 3

Remove the bricks and plastic sheeting once a day and resoak the concrete. Replace the plastic sheeting and anchors. Keep the concrete driveway continuously soaked using this method for seven days.

Step 4

Remove the plastic sheeting and anchors permanently after seven days.