How to Build an Outdoor Bench

How to Build an Outdoor Bench. Take advantage of your garden, deck or porch by building an outdoor wooden bench. Just one to four days, depending on the design you choose, will yield a comfortable place for meditating, bird watching or chatting with neighbors.

Step 1

Choose a spot for your outdoor or garden bench. In a flower garden, near a bird feeder or bath, on a deck, and under the shade of a front porch or covered patio are popular places to relax.

Step 2

Select a design. Do you want a back on your wood bench, arms, a storage area under the seat, or cushions? Do you prefer a simple, natural, classic or ornamented style?

Step 3

Purchase your materials and any tools you need; consult your design plan. Have your lumber yard or home improvement store cut the wood to measure, if possible.

Step 4

Decide on your finish: raw wood, sealant or paint. Ask your sales associate for advice and buy the amount and any tools you'll need.

Step 5

Assemble your outdoor or garden bench according to your design plan.

Step 6

Do the finishing work on your wood bench: sanding, sealing or painting, and adding any embellishments.

Step 7

Sit back, sip a cool drink and enjoy the fruits of your labor.