How to Build Floating Docks with Barrels

Building a floating dock with barrels is an economical way to gain access from that small pond or lake shore property. Using either plastic or metal barrels will depend on how much preparation and maintenance you want to perform. Plastic barrels take little to no maintenance, while metal barrels may have to be cleaned and painted on a yearly basis. Building a floating dock with barrels can be a fast weekend project by following a basic procedure.

Step 1

Use the tape measure and quantify the overall length and width of the plastic barrel. The barrels may vary slightly in their measurements, depending on the manufacturer. The floating dock will be built as an 8-foot section piece. You can construct more sections for a longer dock.

Step 2

Measure, square and cut two of the 8-foot-long treated 2x6s to exactly 8 feet long. Make a mark at 8 feet, use the carpenter's square to draw a perpendicular line and use the circular saw to trim to length. All boards are slightly longer than the measurement you purchase. These two boards will be used as the outside runners for the length of the dock.

Step 3

Use one of the two remaining 2x6 boards for the cross supports of the dock. Add 3 inches to the overall length of the barrel and cut two boards to this measurement. These two cut boards will be used at the end of the dock and attach the two runners together.

Step 4

Cut the last 2x6 to the exact length of the barrel. These two boards will fit in between the two outside runners and help to hold the barrels at each end of the 8-foot dock section.

Step 5

Attach the ends boards to the side runners with the 3-inch long deck screws using the powered screwdriver. The end boards will be screwed to the ends of the outside running boards.

Step 6

Measure the width of the barrel and make a mark at this measurement from the inside of the end boards you just attached.

Step 7

Attach the two shorter boards to this mark, leave the mark showing, with the 3-inch long deck screws. Screw through the outside running boards into these shorter barrel supports. The barrel should fit snugly between the end boards and this board you just attached.

Step 8

Measure, square and cut the 5/4x6 treated deck boards to 48 inches long.

Step 9

Attach the 5/4-inch deck boards to the barrel support frame using the 2-inch deck screws. Begin at one end and screw the first board to the frame. Leave an equal amount of overhang for each side edge of the deck board.

Step 10

Screw the next deck board into place leaving a 2-inch gap between each board. This will allow good air circulation around the boards. Continue to attach the remaining deck boards until you have reached the other end.

Step 11

Install the barrels under the floating dock. Have a helper lift one end of the dock and roll the plastic barrel under the frame. The barrel should fit snugly into the framed cavity. Install the other barrel in the other end of the frame.

Step 12

Slide the dock section onto the water.

Step 13

Tie each corner of the dock from the shore end with the rope to a ground support on the shore. Two trees are the best tie point. You also can drive two metal stakes or posts in the ground for the tie point. Run the ropes at a 45-degree angle back from the dock section.

Step 14

Attach the 6-inch strap hinges to the end of the dock section. These will be used to tie the next section of dock that you build. You can construct as many sections as you need by following this method.

G.K. Bayne

G.K. Bayne is a freelance writer for various websites, specializing in back-to-basics instructional articles on computers and electrical equipment. Bayne began her writing career in 1975 and studied history at the University of Tennessee.