Roosting birds can become a problem, especially, when the roosting population increases and damage begins to occur to your home or property. There are ways to get rid of roosting birds without resorting to killing or the use of toxic chemicals. Moreover, the killing of any birds, except for house sparrows, European starlings and pigeons, is expressly prohibited by law.

Step 1

Try using a nontoxic liquid repellent to get rid of roosting birds. Liquid deterrents can be used on the ground and also on buildings and are highly effective in reducing the number of roosting birds. Geese are especially annoyed by the digestive response that results from eating grass that has been sprayed with the repellent.

Step 2

Put bird silhouettes up around your property. Bird silhouettes can be purchased in hardware stores or online and are usually made of cardboard or plastic. Most bird silhouettes are designed to look like birds of prey and are effective in keeping roosting birds at bay.

Step 3

Go electronic and purchase a bird alarm. Many types of electronic bird alarms use a signal deterrent that is only audible to the feathered population and will not cause an annoyance to humans.

Step 4

Get a plastic owl. A plastic owl should be placed in clear sight, so roosting birds will become aware of its presence and look for other places to roost. It is also a good idea to place the plastic owl on a high surface, so that it looks even more menacing to the birds.

Step 5

Hang bird netting if roosting birds are eating crops or damaging gardens. Bird netting is made of a flexible mesh that discourages the birds and protects the crops. The bird netting comes in different sizes, gauges and colors; green is the least noticeable to the human eye but just as effective.