Bucket and faucet fountains can be decorative additions to your landscape. The faucet can be attached to exposed plumbing beside the bucket or it can appear to be suspended above the bucket. Either way, this DIY project requires minimum building skills. Select the bucket based on your existing outdoor décor: An old metal bucket fits with a rustic style, while a hand-painted bucket exudes country charm. Faucets and fountain supplies are available at home-improvement stores.

Select an old faucet to add rustic charm to a bucket fountain.

Step 1

Select a U-shaped metal bracket to fit around the rigid plastic tubing.

Step 2

Attach the U-shaped bracket to one side of the inside of the bucket. Use waterproof construction adhesive or screws to attach the bracket. To minimize visibility, place the bracket midway down the side of the bucket and use waterproof adhesive. If you prefer to attach the bracket to the bucket with screws, place it near the top, above the water level. Make sure the adhesive dries completely before adding water to the bucket fountain.

Step 3

Glue one end of a 22- to 30-inch-long clear, rigid plastic tube inside the base of a faucet with silicone sealant. Allow the sealant to dry.

Step 4

Feed the open end of the rigid tube through the U bracket attached to the side of the bucket. Place the submersible fountain pump inside the bucket, directly beneath the tubing. Run the electrical cord over the side of the bucket.

Step 5

Attach the open end of the plastic tube to the spout on top of the submersible fountain pump. The fit should be tight; use duct tape if necessary to create a better seal.

Step 6

Place two bricks inside the bucket, one on each side. Stand the bricks so they are taller than the fountain pump. Cut a section of wire mesh to fit inside the bucket and rest it on top of the bricks. Notch the mesh to fit around the plastic tubing. Place the mesh inside the bucket. Camouflage the mesh with decorative stones.

Step 7

Fill the bucket with water. Turn the faucet handle to the "on" position. Plug in the pump to start the fountain. The water cycles from the bucket, through the pump, to the plastic tube, out of the faucet spout and back inside the bucket.