Concrete foundations make up the base of numerous homes and buildings. In some cases, an exterior portion of the foundation is exposed, with several feet remaining above ground. A dull, gray concrete can be transformed into something visually attractive in a number of ways. Either stick to something traditional that matches the building's exterior finishes or use the concrete foundation as a way to turn your home into something distinct. Be sure to power-wash the foundation to remove any dirt before decorating.

Add life to a dull concrete foundation by decorating.

Step 1

Install a mosaic around your concrete foundation to turn the area into a work of art. Cover areas of the foundation with a cement-based mosaic mortar. Press decorative pieces of glass or rocks into the cement to form pictures or patterns. Work in small batches until the you cover the entire foundation.

Step 2

Paint the concrete foundation a solid color once it has cured for at least a month. Opt for color choices that blend well with the building such as dark brown paint on a home with beige siding. Apply a coat of primer and let dry. Use a paint roller or sprayer to apply the final paint color.

Step 3

Paint the foundation. Use your concrete foundation as a canvas for decorative painting and artistic expression. Paint a mural around the entire base of the building or a pattern of stripes or solid shapes. Let your imagination be the guide for this unconventional project. Stick to outdoor acrylic paints and cover with a clear sealant to preserve the paint.

Step 4

Decorate the foundation with concrete stamps if it has just been poured. Stamps add elements of texture to fresh concrete and can give the surface the appearance of stone, brick, slate, wood, fossils and an number of other objects. Apply the stamps by pressing them into wet concrete in the pattern you desire.

Step 5

Install a layer of real rock such as slate or flagstone over the concrete foundation. Choose a material that's thin so it doesn't extend beyond the building after installation. Cover the foundation with mortar and press the stones into place.