Founded in 1914, Toro is a well-known manufacturer of lawn mowers and snow blowers. They're also known for designing water irrigation systems. The Toro 824, also known as model 38080, is a snow blower that was produced from 1984 to 1993. The model is now discontinued and cannot be found in retail stores. However, if you are in the market for a used snow blower, it's important to know the product's features and specifications prior to making a purchase.


Engine Specifications

The Toro 824 featured an eight-horsepower, four-cycle engine that was equipped with a recoil engine starter. The friction disc transmission was comprised of three forward speeds and two speeds in reverse. The engines used in these model snow blowers were manufactured by Tecumseh.

Operating Speeds

The snow blower had a maximum speed of 2.2 mph while revving to a maximum of 3,300 rpm. The original models were equipped with Champion RJ19LM spark plugs with a spark plug gap of .030 inches. The ignition coil air gap was .013 inches.

Other Specifications

The Toro 824 requires 24 ounces of 5w-30 oil. The oil must be added prior to use, or you face the prospect of destroying the engine. The base consists of two rubber molded wheels that require a seven-to-15-pound pressure per square inch (PSI) in each tire. The Toro 824 is powered with unleaded gasoline only.