How to Convert a Bathtub Into a Fish Pond

A bathtub can make an excellent addition to your backyard—as a fish pond. It is large enough to hold a small collection of fish and deep enough so that it will not freeze completely. Above ground or sunk into the earth, a bathtub simply replaces the preformed liner usually used to create a backyard fish pond.

Clawed porcelain bathtub
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Step 1

Choose a location for your bathtub fish pond. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, which will stimulate algae growth in the water.

Step 2

Clean the tub thoroughly; rinse and dry it out with the towels.

Step 3

Use a putty knife to seal the overflow drain with silicone. Use a standard rubber stopper to plug the bottom drain so you can easily drain the tub to clean it.

Step 4

Measure the dimensions of the tub and get digging. Dig a hole big enough to securely hold the tub. You also may choose to leave the tub above ground.

Step 5

Fill the tub with water. If you are on city water, use chlorine remover to treat the water.

Step 6

Install a small, submersible pump and filter.

Step 7

Add your fish. Choose small, hardy, native species such as rosy red minnows, fathead minnows or mosquito fish.

Step 8

Help keep the water clean by adding water plants such as lilies, floaters and submerged plants.

Step 9

Top off your fish pond with water daily. Clean it out once or twice a year or when there is abundant algae growth.

Lynn Holmgren

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