Landscape gravel is typically small-diameter rock that can be used in a landscape to add visual interest. Gravel can be used as a mulch around certain heat-tolerant plants, in combination with larger rock, or on paths and walkways to provide a durable walking surface. When a different effect is desired, the old gravel can be removed and replaced with a different color stone.

Change gravel to add a new look to a landscape.

Step 1

Evaluate the landscape to determine the color of gravel that should be obtained to replace the existing gravel. Consider the coloration of plantings, nearby structures and personal preference when making a decision.

Step 2

Rake the old gravel from around plants, larger rocks and other areas into small piles.

Step 3

Scoop the piles of old gravel with a shovel and place in a wheelbarrow. Move the gravel to another area in the yard or landscape or save for a later project.

Step 4

Add new gravel to the area where the old gravel was removed. Shovel the gravel into the area or pour from bags based on how the gravel was purchased.

Step 5

Spread the gravel with a shovel and then smooth into place with a rake for a uniform appearance.