How to Build a One Cord Firewood Storage Rack

Firewood has to be split into pieces and dried before it can be burned. Stacking green wood is the most efficient way to dry it. Building a storage rack that allows the wood to be kept up off the ground is preferable to leaving the pieces in a pile on the ground. A cord of wood is measured 8 feet long, 4 feet high and 1 foot deep. Whether the wood is green or dried, a rack built to hold a cord of wood is the best way to store it.

Let your firewood season properly so it burns well when the time comes.

Step 1

Cut two of the 8-foot boards in half, making four 4-foot pieces.

Step 2

Cut the 6-foot board into six 1-foot pieces.

Step 3

Lay the remaining two 8-foot boards parallel to each other, 2-inch sides up, and 12 inches apart.

Step 4

Set one of the 1-foot pieces, 2-inch side up, against the ends of the two 8-foot boards. Flush the ends square, forming a 90-degree angle on each side. Drive three nails through the 1-foot piece into each end of the 8-foot boards.

Step 5

Nail a 1-foot piece to the opposite end of the 8-foot boards, forming an enclosed rectangle.

Step 6

Stand one of the 4-foot pieces vertically in an inside corner of the rectangle. Flush the vertical piece into the corner with the 4-inch side against the 8-foot board and the 2-inch side against the end board. From the outside of the rectangle drive four nails through the 8-foot and vertical boards; bend the nail points over to lock the two boards together.

Step 7

Attach the other three 4-foot pieces to the remaining corners of the rectangle in the same manner as the first board.

Step 8

Hold a 1-foot piece, 2-inch side up, 3 inches above the 1-foot piece that forms the end of the rectangle. Flush the ends of the second 1-foot piece even with the sides of the two vertical boards and drive two nails through each end of the 1-foot piece and into the vertical boards.

Step 9

Place a third 1-foot piece 3 inches above the second 1-foot piece and nail it in place the same way.

Step 10

Nail the last two 1-foot pieces to the opposite end of the structure in the same manner.