Building a wooden RV shed is a great way to protect your RV from the weather and elements. It will also protect your RV from dents and scratches, and help to keep it clean in between trips. RV sheds are larger and longer then typical sheds. You can even add a roof and siding to match your house so the extra large shed doesn't look to out of place.

Build a Wooden RV Storage Shed

Step 1

Dig holes with the post hole digger 36 inches deep, and every four feet. How many holes you dig will depend on the length and width of your RV. Make sure you make it bigger than your RV so you have room to move around the RV while it is in the shed.

Step 2

Put a 4x4 pole in each hole, and fill the hole with cement up to ground level. Allow plenty of time for the cement to dry before continuing with the shed.

Step 3

Nail 4x4 post across the top of the poles to create a perimeter. When you are done with this, you should have a four inch flat surface connecting all the poles at the top. Your roof will sit on this surface.


Nail 2x4 boards every 16 inches starting at the ground and moving up the 4x4 posts.

Step 5

Nail 4x8 foot pieces of plywood to the outside of the walls. The plywood should be positioned so that the eight foot side is vertical. Nail down the plywood to each of the 2x4 boards going across the wall.


Cover the outside of the plywood with Tyvek paper. Attach the Tyvek paper with a staple gun. You can then put siding on the outside of the shed over the Tyvek paper. When you install the siding, start at the bottom of the wall and work your way up.

Step 7

Attach your pre-made roof trusses to the top of the shed by nailing them to the 4x4 boards around the top.

Step 8

Cover the trusses with plywood to create the roof. Staple felt paper to the plywood, and then you can shingle over the felt paper. When you attach the shingles, you'll want to start at the bottom of the roof and work your way up.