How to Use Wood Pallets to Create a Floor

Wood pallets are generally made of multiple lengths of wood that come together to create a small frame. The frame can be quite long and wide, depending on the size of the board and how many are used, but the height is usually just one board width. A wood pallet can be used easily to stack items or keep things in your garage or basement from getting flooded. However, if you want to use wood pallets to create a new floor for your home, you're going to have to do a bit more work.

Ordinary wood pallets can create a beautiful wood floor.

Step 1

Check local landfills and recycling centers for wood pallets. Gather as many as you need to cover your floor.

Step 2

Disassemble the wood pallets by pulling up the screws or nails that are holding them together.

Step 3

Remove any remaining nails that might be sticking up from the wood planks. Discard any that are unusable.

Step 4

Clean the wood planks using a rag and mild soap, if needed. Wait for the planks to dry.

Step 5

Use a saw to cut the wood planks so that they're all equal lengths. Cut at least a small bit from each end of the planks to remove the roughness.

Step 6

Apply a protective wood stain to all the wood planks. Lay them out on a tarp before applying the stain. Once it's dry, flip them over and apply stain to the other side, as well. Don't forget the side edges.

Step 7

Measure your floor while you wait for the wood planks to dry. Figure out how many rows of wood planks you need and what cuts need to be made. Remember that the planks will be staggered for added stability.

Step 8

Lay the wood planks in place on your floor. Use a small amount of adhesive on each plank and use a staggered design. Nail the planks to the subfloor with a power nailer.

Step 9

Measure the leftover space between the last full length plank and the wall. Use this measurement to cut the next plank. Then, install. Use this method when installing all planks that need cutting.