How to Make a Tipping Flower Pot Arrangement

Tipping pot planters are a terrific way to maximize outdoor space, especially in small gardens and yards. By creating a "waterfall" of pots, you are able to not only add whimsy and charm, but create vertical planting space without building expensive planters. The tipping design allows efficient water usage, as water from the top pot will run down into the others. Best of all, if you have a handful of terracotta pots lying around already, this project is virtually free.

Unrecognizable person watering gerbera flowers in pot, close-up
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Easy Tipping Flower Pots

Step 1

Purchase a piece of rebar from a local home improvement store. Rebar is available in multiple lengths, and can often be cut to size on site before you take it home. Select a piece that is straight and free from dents (which could become stress points where the rebar bends later on). A 6-foot standard length works well for this project.

Step 2

Hammer the rebar 1½ to 2 feet into the ground in your desired location using a short-handled sledgehammer or mallet. If the earth is particularly soft, a basic claw hammer will probably do the job just fine. In areas with hard clay or gravelly soil, you may need to soak the area overnight to allow easier penetration.

Step 3

Place the first pot over the rebar, allowing the metal to pass through the drainage opening in the bottom of the pot. This pot should ideally be 10 to 12 inches and allowed to rest flat on the ground, centered around the rebar.

Step 4

Fill the plant with your desired potting mix before moving on. This will allow the next pot to have a resting place, rather than sinking halfway into the previous pot.

Step 5

Slide the next pot down the rebar in a similar fashion, but situate the pot so that it leans as far to one side as it can. The lip of the pot should be touching the rebar, while the base will rest on top of the soil in the pot below.

Step 6

Continue stacking pots and filling with soil until you reach the top of the rebar, leaning each pot in the opposite direction as the one before. Be sure the rebar extends at least halfway into the uppermost pot.

Step 7

Plant the tipping pot arrangement with your favorite flowers, and water thoroughly.