What Type of Bricks Do I Make a Fire Pit With?

A fire pit is an ideal way to enjoy all of the benefits of a campfire in places where building an open fire on the ground isn't feasible or allowed by law. As with anything involving fire, safety is of the utmost importance, and the brick walls of a fire pit are a crucial element of that safety. Using the two recommended types of bricks for fire pits will allow for the heat and flames to be safely contained within the fire pit and will help your family and friends to enjoy the comfort, good times and bounty that comes with a fire.

With the right bricks, a fire pit lasts for years.


The first type of bricks needed are the aptly titled firebricks, and they'll make up the inner ring of the fire pit wall. As their name implies, firebricks are designed to withstand the intense heat of a fire and any direct exposure to flames. Like the fire clay they're composed of, firebricks have a high density and are not porous, which prevents them from being broken down by extreme heat or typical weathering processes. As such, they are also quite heavy.

Regular Bricks

The outer ring of the fire pit can be made up of regular bricks or stone blocks like those commonly used in building and landscaping. Since they are not exposed to direct flames and intense heat, these bricks do not need to be as dense as firebrick. The main purpose of the outer ring is to serve as a buffer between the firebrick and individuals enjoying the fire pit, protecting them from the open flames and heat of the fire. Regular bricks or stone blocks are also typically more attractive and pleasing to the eye than firebrick.

Brick Shape

Regarding the shape of the bricks, buy curved bricks if you want your fire pit to be circular and rectangular bricks if you want a square fire pit. Both firebricks and regular bricks are available in both shapes.

Finding Fire Pit Bricks

You can buy both firebricks and regular bricks, as well as any other supplies needed for a fire pit, at most national and local home improvement and hardware stores, such as Lowe's or the Home Depot.