How to Make a Water Mister

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Things You'll Need

  • ½-inch-by-10-foot PVC pipe, enough pieces to make the run desired

  • ½-inch T adapters, enough to place a mister sprayer every 3 feet

  • ½-inch elbows for any turns or corners to go around

  • ½-inch couplings

  • Mister sprayer heads

  • Inline filter for ½-inch pipe

  • Water shutoff ball valves (2)

  • Pipe straps for attaching the pipe to the patio cover

  • Adapter or T fitting to attach pipe to water supply

  • PVC glue and primer

  • Pipe thread sealer

  • Pipe cutters or hack saw

  • Crescent wrench

Make a Water Mister

A water mist system is used to cool off an outdoor space on hot days, usually a patio area. It worsk well in a warm climate with low humidity. It should be mounted at higher levels, usually 8 to 10 feet off the ground on the outside edge of the patio cover and away from windows to avoid water spotting.

Step 1

Plan and measure the area to be covered by the mist system. Determine the amount of PVC pipe that will be needed. Measure the length of the area in feet to be covered by the mist system and divide by 10 to calculate the number of pieces of pipe required. Add an extra piece to cover any waste or errors in cutting.

Step 2

Calculate the number of mist sprayer heads needed. Plan on four heads for each piece of 10-foot pipe used to avoid an additional trip to the hardware store.

Step 3

Locate the water supply source to be used for the system, usually a hose bib close to the area where the mist system will be installed. Turn off the water supply.

Step 4

Remove the hose bib. If it is threaded on the water pipe, unscrew it and add a T fitting with a ½-inch side fitting. If the hose bib is soldered on, cut the pipe and solder in a T with a ½-inch side fitting. Replace the hose bib.

Step 5

Attach a shutoff valve to the side outlet of the T fitting. Turn off this valve and turn the water supply back on. An in-line flow regulator can be installed if necessary to limit flow. Attach the in-line filter.

Step 6

Attach PVC pipe to the filter and run up the wall or patio post to the outside corner edge of the patio cover using elbows and couplings where needed.

Step 7

Attach a T fitting and sprayer head at the corner, aiming the sprayer head downward. Begin attaching pipe, adding a T with sprayer head every 3 feet for the entire length planned.

Step 8

Attach the pipe to the patio cover using pipe straps where needed. Attach a pipe at the end of the mist area and run down the wall or patio post to a foot or so off the ground.

Step 9

Add a shutoff valve on the end of the pipe. This is used to drain the system when not used during winter or colder periods. Shut the valve at the start of the system and open this valve to drain the system.

Step 10

Open the valve at the end of the system and open the valve at the start of the system to bleed out any air. Close the end valve and check for leaks. Repair if necessary.

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