While usually constructed next to a backyard water garden, pond-less waterfall ideas are perfect for small yards and those who enjoy the sights and sounds without much of the maintenance. Cut building time and expense with a waterfall that does not need a pond to run.

Attractive backyard waterfalls can be pondless.

Materials Needed for a Pond-less Waterfall

Pond-less waterfalls still need a container to catch the water falling down. This can be a small, molded container specifically constructed for waterfalls or an underground plastic tub or large bucket. A waterfall pump and applicable tubes and hoses, as well as a wide-mouthed connector for the end of the hose are needed. The project also requires rocks, plants, metal rebar and treated metal fencing with small holes.

Construction Steps for a Waterfall Without a Pond

If you are not using a prefabricated waterfall container, dig a hole in the ground in which the plastic tub or bucket can fit. Put the bucket in the hole and fill in the sides with dirt to support it firmly. The top of the container should be flush with the ground. Put the waterfall pump into the bucket and attach the necessary hoses. The hose or tube should run up out of the bucket and be long enough to reach to the top of the proposed waterfall.

Lay several pieces of rebar across the hole, place the sturdy mesh or screen on top and secure this with several rocks on the edges. Build the waterfall height around the water hose or tube. Make sure the flat rock at the top of the fall will spill the water directly over the bucket you sank into the ground. Use adhesive to affix the rocks to each other if desired.

Fill the underground bucket with water and turn on the waterfall pump. Adjust the flow and position before finishing the pond-less waterfall set up. When everything is where it should be, finish the bottom by laying smaller stones over the metal bars and mesh to make it look natural. The waterfall will splash happily on the ground and then run down to the bucket to be pumped up again.

Landscaping Ideas for a Pondless Waterfall

A pond-less waterfall will look more natural with moisture-loving plants trailing over the rocks. Put a considerable amount of soil near the back and sides of the rock pile and around the rocks at the bottom of the water flow. Plant fast-growing, trailing plants or ground covers. When these spread, they will beautify the pond-less waterfall as well as help prevent erosion of the upright structure.