How to Get Colored Water for Fountains

Fountains are a lovely addition to the landscape. Ranging from abstract, modern shapes to timeless Greek gods, the water fountain presents a well-loved position in any appointed landscape. Some fountains provide a water resource for animals and birds; others grow aquatic plants and support whole ecosystems. One way to transform the appearance of a fountain quickly is to alter the color of its water.

Fountain dye can add color to your landscaping.

Step 1

Determine the water volume of your pond, water feature or fountain. Calculate the water area (length times width times depth).

Step 2

Select a pool or fountain dye suitable for your application. Pool dyes range in color and in function. Most dyes are blue, blue-green or black.

Step 3

Measure the correct amount of dye for your fountain, and pour the dye as close to the fountain aerator as possible. Dyes will not discolor fish or your skin. A large pond or water feature may take as much as two hours to completely change color. Small fountains will change water color almost immediately.