How to Cut an Asphalt Driveway

As a homeowner, if you have an asphalt driveway, eventually you may need to cut away sections of it for repairs or to change your landscaping. Removing those sections with a jackhammer could prove very labor intensive and requires great precision to preserve the aesthetics of the driveway. Your best option is to use a walk-behind asphalt saw with a wet blade. With this tool, you can cut the asphalt with ease and precision, while saving time and money.

Cutting asphalt requires a specialized saw.

Step 1

Sweep the area of the driveway you plan to cut to remove any debris.

Step 2

Mark the area you want to cut with a chalk line and then score the chalk line with a screwdriver to set as a guideline for cutting.

Step 3

Put a diamond wet-blade with hard bond on your asphalt saw. Hook the water hose to the water pump on your asphalt saw. The water is crucial for keeping dust to a minimum when cutting.

Step 4

Raise the blade off the ground, then roll the saw into place and lower the blade to the surface to prepare for cutting.

Step 5

Turn on asphalt saw's engine and start the water pump. Let the engine get up to speed then begin walking forward to cut the asphalt. Walk at a slow to moderate pace and do not force the blade. Make sure you cut in a straight line so you do not damage the blade.

Step 6

Change directions for your cut by raising the blade completely off the asphalt, repositioning the saw, and lowering the blade again.

Step 7

Stop walking once you complete your cut and raise the blade free from the asphalt surface. Turn off the engine and water pump to finish.