A seesaw is a sort of balancing beam that glides up and down with the help of one person on each end. Seesaws are a common element in children's play areas, but the enjoyment of these popular playground fixtures doesn't have to be limited to children. Adults can create a larger version of a seesaw that they can enjoy in the same way children do.

Logs make rustic and attractive seesaws.

Step 1

Measure in 16 inches from each end of the 72-inch log. Snap a chalk line at each 16-inch location. The chalk line should extend halfway around the perimeter of the log.

Step 2

Measure down 9 inches from the top center of the 72-inch log to determine the midpoint of the log's diameter. Snap a chalk line across each end to mark this location.

Step 3

Snap a chalk line from each end of the 9-inch mark to the end of the 16-inch mark. These lines will run horizontally, and each end of the log will contain two horizontal chalk lines.

Step 4

Cut along the chalk lines to create a seat at each end of the log. Turn the log over so both seats are facing directly down.

Step 5

Measure in from either end and mark 36 inches. Snap a chalk line at 36 inches to mark the center. Measure out 6 inches in both directions from the center line and snap a chalk line at each 6-inch mark.

Step 6

Snap a horizontal chalk line across the center of the log from the base of the seat at each end. Snap a line from the 6-inch mark on each side of the center mark down to the midpoint, where the center width and the center length lines intersect. This will create a V-shaped chalk line at the center of the log.

Step 7

Cut the V-shape out of the log with the chain saw. The total removed area will measure 12 inches wide and 9 inches tall.

Step 8

Lay the 36-inch by 18-inch log on a flat surface. Measure 18 inches from either end to determine the direct center length. Snap a chalk line at this location.

Step 9

Snap a chalk line down from the center line toward each corner. This will create an upside-down V-shaped outline. Cut along these lines with a chain saw.

Step 10

Place the upside-down V-shaped structure in a secure area. Cover the base of the structure with gravel or dirt.

Step 11

Place the 72-inch long log on top of the upside-down V-shaped structure. Line up the center V-shaped cutout with the top of the upside-down V-shaped structure. The seats should be facing upward. Have one person sit on each end, and enjoy the ride.