Husqvarna chain saws have been around since 1959. The Swedish-born saws feature reduced noise levels and durable build. Ranchers and loggers use the bigger saws for large jobs that require sturdy construction and precision cutting. The Husqvarna 61 specializes in felling bigger trees and can hold larger bars than normal saws.

Husqvarna chainsaws are known for their excellent performance and endurance.


The Husqvarna 61 chainsaw withstands heavy usage through a magnesium crankcase, ensuring long service life. It provides safety with air interior-activated chain brake, and an angled front handle for better grip. It also features an adjustable oil pump, making it easier to set the chain lubrication according to specific cutting needs.

Engine Specifications

The idling speed of the Husqvarna 61 averages 2,600 rpm and the maximum power speed levels at 8,300 rpm. It holds 3/4 liter or 1.58 pints of fuel. The chain-oil pump is adjustable flow, allowing you to adjust oil flow depending on weather and working conditions. Husqvarna recommends a Champion RCJ7Y spark plug for the 61 saw.

Cutting Equipment

The Husqvarna 61 features a 3/8-inch pitch. Bars of 15-24 inches in length work with the saw, giving a wide range of uses, from cutting small limbs to large trees. The chain travels at more than 60 feet per second at maximum speed.


A standard Husqvarna 61 weighs 13 1/2 pounds. This is relatively light for the size of work it performs.