A mole is a mammal found in fairly great abundance in North America, Europe and Asia. While not dangerous by any means, moles are a common annoyance because of their ability to dig tunnels underground. In many cases, a mole can ruin a lawn or garden because of its tunneling and eating habits. You can eradicate a mole rather easily with a series of home methods.

Remove moles from your lawn or garden

Step 1

Capture the mole. This is the most effective method but often can be challenging. Set the trap in the early springtime and employ three to five traps per acre of land. Carefully follow the instructions provided with your traps to ensure a good chance of trapping the mole.

Step 2

Poison the mole. You can purchase mole poison and drop it into one of the tunnels. One of the most popular poisons is Talpirid, which mimics the scent of earthworms.

Step 3

Eliminate the mole's food source. If you can eliminate the food source of the moles, mainly grub worms, you can force them to move elsewhere. Spray a grub-a-cide on the area where the moles are tunneling to reduce the number of grubs and force the moles to move.

Step 4

Mix a homemade poison. Mix 1 tbsp. of castor oil, 2 tbsps. of liquid detergent and 6 tbsps. of water in a blender. Fill a garden sprinkler can with warm water and mix 2 tbsps. of the mixture in the can. Apply the liquid over the area of the moles.