How to Destroy Castor Bean Plants

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Things You'll Need

  • Small shovel

  • Herbicide spray

  • Large cooking pot

  • Outdoor gas grill

  • Large trash bags

  • Heavy rubber gloves

  • Safety glasses

  • Respirator

  • Protective suit


Castor bean plants can also be burnt directly on an open fire and reduced to ash. This process should be done in a fire pit that is at least 3 feet deep. The entire pit should be buried as soon as the process is complete. Burning the plants on an open flame produces more airborne toxins than boiling and should only be attempted in secluded areas following the same safety procedures as the boiling process. Castor bean plants can also be double bagged and frozen for extended periods to neutralize the toxins present. Freezing the plants requires you to lock the freezer and not use it for food storage during this process. The freezer should be thawed and cleaned with bleach before used for food storage after it has been used to store these plants.


Castor bean plants contain ricin and other deadly poisons. Never handle these plants without heavy rubber gloves, safety glasses, a respirator and a disposable protective suit. High heat for long periods of time will destroy the toxins in the seeds. This process may disperse toxins into the atmosphere. Only attempt this procedure on calm, windless days in a location that is well away from other people or animals.

Castor bean plants contain deadly toxins which must be boiled to make them harmless.

Castor bean plants (Ricinus communis) contain toxic compounds that can be deadly to wildlife, pets and people. Because of these toxins it is imperative that these plants be removed from your property to protect your children and pets. Removing castor bean plants from your yard involves destroying the entire plant while taking precautions to keep yourself safe during the process. Destroying the plants can be best accomplished by boiling the entire plant for an extended period to break down the toxins into harmless compounds.

Step 1

Grasp each of the castor bean plants near their stalks and pull them free from the ground. Dig up the root structure with your shovel. Saturate the area with herbicide to ensure the plant will not return.

Step 2

Place the plants into a large cooking pot and fill the pot with water. Light the gas grill and place the pot on the grate. Let the castor bean plants boil for 30 to 45 minutes to destroy the toxins.


Step 3

Turn off the grill and wait for the water to reach ambient temperature. Dig a hole with your shovel 42 inches deep. Slowly dump the contents of the pot into the hole. Cover the hole with the original dirt.

Step 4

Put on a new pair of rubber gloves. Clean every piece of your safety gear with bleach to remove any residue. Clean the pot with bleach and dispose of it in a trash bag.

Step 5

Dispose of the protective suit in a trash bag after it has been decontaminated with bleach. Place your other safety gear into trash bags after bleaching. Place the bags into the freezer to neutralize any residue.



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