Out of sight, out of mind. If you hate looking at a yard cluttered with propane cylinders and you have room in your basement, you may be tempted to bring the unsightly tanks indoors. Storing propane tanks inside, however, is not safe.

Those extra cylinders must be stored safely.


Storing propane tanks indoors can be dangerous. Each tank contains pressured gas, which can explode. So storing propane tanks in your home is simply not safe. Additionally, the tanks should not be stored in enclosed areas such as garages and basements.


While storing propane indoors is unsafe, it's not illegal. Buildings open to the public--including private dwellings--may be used to store small tanks no larger than 1 lb. Buildings not open to the public--storage facilities--may be used to keep 300 lbs. of propane.


Propane tanks should be kept away from sources of high heat, such as stoves. The tanks can explode at temperatures above 120 F. Storing propane tanks outdoors or in an open shed provides the most security. When the tanks are empty, they should be recycled, returned to the vendor or disposed of as hazardous waste.