How to Seal a Hole in the Bottom of a Ceramic Pot Water Fountain

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Things You'll Need

  • Towel

  • Marker

  • Silicone sealant

  • Utility knife (optional)

  • Sealant gun

  • Kitchen detergent

  • Kitchen towel

Get out your silicone sealant, it's time to seal some holes.

Ceramic pot, water fountains are an attractive addition to any outdoor or even indoor area. They are self-contained, no-spill fountain basins, but if a crack or hole in the bottom of the pot occurs, then you have a slight problem on your hands. Sealing the holes is not terribly difficult, but it does mean you will have to dismantle and empty the fountain beforehand.

Step 1

Turn off the fountain pump, and then drain all the water out of the fountain. If the fountain top, such as a fountain statue or other feature, comes off easily, remove it. Remove the pump and everything else that can be taken out from the ceramic pot.

Step 2

Dry the bottom of the ceramic pot with an old towel. If the hole is not easily discernible, put a small amount of water into the ceramic pot so you can see where the hole or crack is.


Step 3

Mark the points on the bottom of the ceramic water pot where the water is coming out with the marker. Empty the ceramic pot of water again and leave it upside down overnight to fully dry out.

Step 4

Cut the end of the silicone sealant tube with the utility knife if using the sealant for the first time. Insert the silicone sealant into the sealant gun. You can buy silicone sealant already installed in a gun from most home or hardware stores, but if you already have a sealant gun, then a refill silicone sealant is sufficient.

Step 5

Turn the ceramic pot back over and fill any visible holes from the inside of the pot with silicone sealant. Gently press the handle of the sealant gun to make the sealant come out of the end of the tube.


Step 6

Invert the pot once more and bead a line of sealant onto the areas marked as a crack or hole. Dab a small amount of detergent onto a finger and smooth over the silicone sealant to ensure a tight seal on the crack or hole. Wipe off excess with a kitchen towel and leave it to cure overnight before testing the pot with a small amount of water and reassembling the fountain. If you still detect a leak, repeat the sealing procedure.



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