How to Make a Solar Cascading Water Fountain

Enhance your landscape and relax to the sounds of water trickling over natural stones and into a small pond in your backyard or garden. You can create a beautiful cascading water fountain from large river rocks, pond liners and a bit of sweat. Select a solar fountain pump and enjoy cascading water day and night, no electricity required. You can find materials for this project at a landscape supply store. Solar fountains are also sold at online retailers.

Garden Fountain

Step 1

Dig a hole to fit the shape and depth of the pond liner. Excavate the ground around the perimeter of the pond, removing any grass, rocks or other debris. Place the waterfall liner into position on the side of the pond that will be most visible from your home and garden.

Step 2

Dry fit a row of river rock around the perimeter of the pond and the base of the waterfall. The largest rocks will work best at the base of the waterfall and the medium will work best as a border for the pond.

Step 3

Mix the mortar and apply a thin layer under and between the rocks fitted around the pond and around the waterfall. Begin stacking the river rock to the height of the cascading form, covering both sides completely. Dry fit the rocks, one row at a time, and add mortar as you piece the rock puzzle together. Add medium and small rocks to each level of the waterfall form, disguising the plastic with stone.

Step 4

Install the solar panel and pump for the fountain in accordance with the manufacturer's directions. Attach the plastic tubing to the pump and run it unobtrusively along the height of the waterfall. The tip of the tubing should protrude enough to start the trickle of water cascading over the staggered river rocks. Fill the pond with water and enjoy.