How to Keep Squirrels out of a Shed

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You can keep squirrels away from your shed by using repellent and other precautions.

Squirrels can damage your shed by gnawing through wood, wiring, cardboard and insulation. Squirrels can spread many diseases because they carry ticks and fleas, and squirrel feces can attract other animals to the shed. Protecting your property from squirrels is accomplished by using a variety of methods and remaining diligent about staying on the offensive.

Step 1

Check the exterior of the shed for holes that a squirrel could fit through. Close off any holes that are found around and in the shed.

Step 2

Select a commercial squirrel repellent to use, such as fox urine, Shake Away, Critter Ridder, Ro-pel, Squirrel Away or Whole Control. Fox urine will keep the squirrels away because foxes are a natural predator of squirrels. Shake Away is granulated urine from foxes, bobcats and elk. Shake Away will last four to six weeks, if you don't live in a wet climate. Critter Ridder is organic and will keep the squirrels away for 30 days. Ro-pel and Squirrel Away will give the squirrels a bitter taste, so it is used on things they will chew. Dr. T's Whole Control is a spray repellent used in large areas. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Step 3

Apply a squirrel repellent around the exterior of the shed, creating a 3-foot barrier. Reapply the repellent at regular intervals, based on manufacturer's directions.

Step 4

Trim all trees around that shed that would give the squirrel a launching source. Squirrels can jump about ten feet from a tree on to the roof of the shed.


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