Choosing the right pool plants means evaluating which plants can tolerate the amount of moisture put out by your pool and which ones will not constantly drop leaves into the water. A good pond plant is one that enhances the beauty of your property without giving you more work.

Coleuses are a colorful addition to the poolside garden.

Firecracker Fern

The fire cracker fern is also known as the coral plant and it produces long, arching stems in an attractive medium green. It produces loose clusters of tubular red blossoms that are about 1 inch long. They come back every year and they are hardy enough to survive the high humidity that surrounds a pool. Their waving fronds soften the look of the pool while the red flowers add a splash of color.


The hibiscus is a tropical plant that requires full sunlight. Hibiscuses are highly adaptable, but choose a very rich soil for the best blooms. They require a high amount of moisture, making them ideal for the pool side area and they do well in large planters filled with a rich, organic potting soil. When the plants are young, keep them moist. After they mature, they tolerate both wet and dry conditions very well.


The coleus is a shade-loving ornamental plant that comes in a number of varieties. The leaves may be large or small, solid or variegated, or green or splashed with red, purple or cream. They are extremely hardy annuals that thrive in a variety of conditions. Choose a shorter variety as a ground cover near your pool, or a taller one to showcase the large, colorful leaves. While coleuses tend to prefer shade, there are varieties that suit the full-sun conditions near the pool.

Yellow Bells

The yellow bells plant is a shrub that grows from 4 to 6 feet tall with a similar spread. It produces bright yellow flowers from April until October and they return every spring. Use the yellow flowers to accent your pool or to ring it entirely in a profusion of color. This shrub does well in both full sun and partial sun, as long as it has rich soil with good drainage.