How to Make Molds for Concrete Lawn Sculptures

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Things You'll Need

  • Air-dry clay

  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

  • Five sheets of acrylic sheeting slightly larger than your sculpture

  • One-inch wood screws

  • Mold sealant

  • Mold release

  • Latex mold-making material

  • Utility or X-Acto knife

Make Molds for Concrete Lawn Sculptures

Concrete lawn sculptures add interest and whimsy to your outdoor space, but finding just the right statue, birdbath or other item can be challenging. Of course, it is possible to pay someone else to create that special something, but if you have an idea in mind and have done crafts or DIY projects, it is far less expensive to create a one-of-a-kind yard art object yourself.

Step 1

Build a model of your project out of the air-dry clay. Allow it to dry for several days.

Step 2

Coat your model with the mold sealant and let dry.

Step 3

Glue the dried model into the center of one of the acrylic sheets with the hot glue. This will become the base of the mold box.

Step 4

Using the other four acrylic sheets, construct an open-topped box around your model. Attach the sides to each other and the base using the screws. "Caulk" the seams of the box using hot glue.

Step 5

Coat your model and the inside of the box with the mold-release agent.

Step 6

Pour the latex into the box and allow to cure for at least three days.

Step 7

Disassemble the box surrounding the latex block.

Step 8

Using the knife, cut the latex mold in half and gently remove it from the model. Your mold is now ready for casting.


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