How to Make a Floating Flower Pot for a Pond

Floating islands are a hot new addition to garden ponds. A floating island contains flowers that normally can't live in water. But with a floating island, they thrive and it is a beautiful sight to see all the blooms floating across the water. This is easily accomplished with a floating flower pot. Adding any variety of flower or plants makes this an ideal addition to any garden pond.

Floating Flower Pot
Hanging Baskets

Remove the hangers from the basket. Make sure there are no holes in the bottom of the pot.

Pool Noodle

Cut the swimming pool noodle to the same size as the circumference of the basket rim. Attach the noodle to the basket with plastic ties in the holes of the basket rim where the hangers were.

Cocoa Fiber

Line the basket with cocoa fiber. Add a small amount of water and wait until the fibers swell.

Step 4

Push apart the fiber and add a small plant. Continue this until the basket is full.

Step 5

Sit the pot on the surface of the water and watch it float. As the island floats it will get small amounts of water through the holes in the rim, enabling a watering flow to the plant.