How to Make Concrete Sidewalks Glitter

Concrete is one of today's most common building materials when it comes to sidewalks. But, as a purely functional, industrial substance, concrete is cold and lifeless. Prevent dreary sidewalks by adding glittery silicon carbide to the surface of freshly poured cement. Whether it's from the sun, moon or a nearby streetlamp, the crystalline specks of silicon carbide will catch the light, dazzling all those who step upon your walkway.

Step 1

Calculate the needed amount of silicon carbide. Acquire 25 to 50 lbs. per 100 square feet, depending on how much sparkle is desired.

Step 2

Screed the freshly poured cement by dragging a board across the top of the sidewalk form. Allow the cement to stiffen slightly, then smooth it by skating a bull float back and forth across the surface.

Step 3

Allow the cement to stiffen further, until it can sustain some pressure but is still impressionable.

Step 4

Sprinkle the silicon carbide evenly across the surface of the cement.

Step 5

Embed the particles into the cement by working a hand float across and around the surface, applying medium to firm pressure.

Step 6

Add any desired texture. Edge, cure and seal the concrete as normal.