How to Make a Round Concrete Form

Casting stepping stones out of concrete has become a popular hobby among homeowners. The stones can be used to preserve mementos such a child's marbles or to mark special dates or moment in time. With concrete available from most hardware stores, anyone can make a paving stone. All you need is a concrete form.

Step 1

Cut your 2" X 4" board into four 2 foot sections using the saw.

Step 2

Nail the 2" X 4" sections into a square shape with the hammer and the double-headed nails.

Step 3

Lay the square shape flat on your work surface and fill with play sand.

Step 4

Press a circular shape into the sand. This will be your concrete form.

Step 5

Cover the sand with a plastic dry cleaning bag, and press into the circular depression. When you are ready to pour your concrete, you will pour it into this form.