Hardened dirt is used as a flooring for floors inside of a home, patios and driveways. The mixture is a ratio of dirt, sand and lime. Different areas in the country will find the more lime and less and is needed according to the rain fall for the region. A basic mixture is three parts dirt to one part sand and one rpart lime. A good mix is required and a wheel barrel makes for the perfect mixing machine.

Harden dirt by mixing it with sand and lime.

Step 1

Fill three buckets with dirt. Pour each bucket into a wheel barrel.

Step 2

Fill one bucket with sand. Pour the sand into the wheel barrel.

Step 3

Fill one bucket with lime. Pour the lime into the wheel barrel.

Step 4

Mix the dirt, sand and lime thoroughly.

Step 5

Dump or scoop the dirt, sand and lime mixture into the desired area.

Step 6

Level out the surface of the mixture. Tamp the surface for three to five minutes to compact the mixture into a hardened state.