How to Harden Dirt

Hardened dirt is used as a flooring for floors inside of a home, patios and driveways. The mixture is a ratio of dirt, sand and lime. Different areas in the country will find the more lime and less and is needed according to the rain fall for the region. A basic mixture is three parts dirt to one part sand and one rpart lime. A good mix is required and a wheel barrel makes for the perfect mixing machine.

Harden dirt by mixing it with sand and lime.

Step 1

Fill three buckets with dirt. Pour each bucket into a wheel barrel.

Step 2

Fill one bucket with sand. Pour the sand into the wheel barrel.

Step 3

Fill one bucket with lime. Pour the lime into the wheel barrel.

Step 4

Mix the dirt, sand and lime thoroughly.

Step 5

Dump or scoop the dirt, sand and lime mixture into the desired area.

Step 6

Level out the surface of the mixture. Tamp the surface for three to five minutes to compact the mixture into a hardened state.

Kim Blakesley

Kim Blakesley is a home remodeling business owner, former art/business teacher and school principal. She began her writing and photography career in 2008. Blakesley's education, fine arts, remodeling, green living, and arts and crafts articles have appeared on numerous websites, including DeWalt Tools, as well as in "Farm Journal" and "Pro Farmer."