How to Make a Stucco Fence

Stucco isn't strong enough to stand up to the structural tensions put on a fence. To make a stucco fence that will last through pressure, impact and weather, it needs to have a sturdy frame on the inside that is then covered over with stucco. You could simply stack cinderblocks to make the frame of a stucco fence, but a wood-frame fence is more versatile.

Step 1

Dig a 2-foot-deep hole every 8 feet along the line of the fence.

Step 2

Sink a 6-inch-by-6-inch post into each hole and backfill the hole. The posts should be as long as you want the fence to be tall, plus 2 feet. So if you want the fence to be 4 feet tall, each post should be 6 feet long.

Step 3

Nail sheets of plywood along the length of the fence on both sides of the posts.

Step 4

Drape stucco wire, mesh sheets that will help to hold the stucco in place, across both sides of the fence between the posts.

Step 5

Mix one part hydrated lime, three parts fine masonry sand and two parts Portland cement in a wheelbarrow or large tub. Add water, mixing as you go, until the mixture is pastelike and forms readily when squeezed into shape with your hands.

Step 6

Apply a thick layer of the stucco mixture along the fence, on the top and sides, with a trowel.

Step 7

Let the first coat of stucco dry for about three hours, then apply a second coat.