How to Build a Coyote Fence

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How to Build a Coyote Fence. Coyotes used to live only in the wild, but they are adaptable to change and have persevered through changing habitat; now people who live in urban areas have just as good of a chance of seeing a coyote. Although coyotes can pose a threat and be destructive, instead of killing them, try building a coyote-proof fence to keep them out.

Step 1

Learn how coyotes get around fences. This will help you determine your fence's weaknesses. Coyotes can't jump over high fences, but they do climb them by using their front paws to climb to the top and kicking hard with their back legs to push themselves up and over the fence. They have also been known to dig and try to crawl under the fence.

Step 2

Know the options available for building a coyote-proof fence. You can build or modify a wire fence or a split rail or install a new electric fence. Coyote Rollers are also helpful for adding to existing fences.

Step 3

Use your existing wire fence as long as it's at least 5 feet high. Adding extenders facing outward along the top of the fence will prevent coyotes from climbing over. Wire fences need to be underground at least 8 inches to prevent them from digging under.

Step 4

Add a new electric fence. This is an option to adapt the current fence to accommodate electricity. Electrified fences do not need to be as high because the coyote will try and pass through the open spaces in the fence rather than jump it, and will very quickly realize the negative side effects of approaching the fence. You need to make sure Electrify the bottom of the fence to prevent them from digging underneath.

Step 5

Consider Coyote Rollers, which are added to the top of the fence. These rollers are based on how a coyote jumps over a fence--running, jumping, leaping or climbing to the top of while pushing off with his back feet. The rollers placed along the top of the fence prevent the coyote from getting a foothold and any attempt to get over, results in the coyote falling down.

Step 6

Determine if your current fence can be modified or if you will need to build another fence from scratch.