How to Install Hog Rings in a Chain Link Fence

When installing the wire fabric on a chain link fence, you must attach the bottom of the fabric to a bottom tension wire strung from one end post to another. This wire prevents the fabric from being bent upward by animals or intruders. Hog rings are a good choice to connect the tension wire to the fabric. These rings are short, "C" shaped lengths of wire. A special pair of hog ring pliers, with indentations in the jaws that hold the ring, compress the "C" wire into an "O" shape, securing the chain link mesh to the tension wire.

Hog rings work well to attach the bottom tension wire to the fabric of a chain link fence.

Step 1

Insert the ends of a hog ring into the indentations in the jaws of the hog ring pliers, so that the points of the open hog ring point outward from the pliers jaws.

Step 2

Select a location along the tension wire where an intersection in the wires that make up the chain link fabric meet.

Step 3

Place the points of the hog ring on either side of the tension wire and through the chain link fabric.

Step 4

Squeeze the hog ring pliers to compress and form the hog ring around both the tension wire and the intersection of wires in the chain link fabric. Continue to squeeze until the hog ring forms a tight "O" shape around the tension wire and chain link wires. Open the pliers to release the hog ring.

Step 5

Repeat this procedure around every 12 inches along the tension wire for each section of the fence.