How to Attach Barbed Wire to T-Posts

Attach barbed wire to T-posts using a special wire clip designed for this specific purpose. The clip is a V-shaped piece of high-tensile wire with a hook at one end and a loop at the other. Barbed wire is made up of two smooth, high-tensile pieces of wire twisted together and then wrapped with tiny sharp-tipped wire barbs every 4 to 6 inches. The barbed wire runs horizontally and five or more strands are attached to each T-post along the fences' length.

Use special pliers to install barbed wire fences.

Step 1

Put on a pair of gloves, a long-sleeve shirt and work pants.

Step 2

Unroll a strand of barbed wire along the entire length of the one side of the fence, from corner post to corner post. Wrap one end of the strand around one of the corner posts 6 inches above the ground.

Step 3

Attach a manual single-strand fence pulling winch to the end of the opposing corner post and hook the strand to the winch. Winch the strand as tight as the winch can get it.

Space the wires evenly along the T-post length.

Measure up 6 inches on the first T-post in the fence line and hold the barbwire strand against the post at this height. Use your left hand to hold the wire. The side of the T-post with metal bumps or ridges is the side the barbwire needs to be on. These ridges keep the wires from sliding down the posts after installation

Step 5

Hold a wire T-post clip in your right hand behind the T-post. Direct it so that the opening of the V-shape cradles the post and the hooked and looped ends of the clip lay on top of the strand of barbed wire.

Step 6

Push the hook end of the clip down over the wire on the left side of the T-post.

Step 7

Grip the loop end of the clip with the jaws of the fencing pliers and bend the loop down and around the barbwire until tight. Repeat this process on each fence post to attach the first strand of barbwire and then string another strand of wire and start the process all over again.