How to Build a Shadow Box Fence

A shadow box fence provides privacy without totally walling you off from your surroundings.

Shadow Box Fence

Better looking than a solid fence, they are just as easy to build. Follow these simple steps and you will soon have a shadow box fence of your own.

Step 1

Outline where your fence will go. Mark each post at your desired distance apart. 8 feet is a typical distance. Dig hole roughly 20-24 inches deep and about 8 inches wide. Insert the post and fill with concrete or gravel, making sure the post is plumb. Cut the post top to the desired height.

Step 2

Attach 2x4s between the posts, use one on the bottom about 6 inches from the ground, one in the middle, and one about 6 inches from the top of your posts. The 2x4 should be oriented horizontally, so that it is flush on both sides of the 4x4.

Step 3

Attach fence pickets to one side of the fence, fastening to the 2x4s. Between each picket, leave a space equal to half the width of the fence pickets. For a 6 inch picket, leave 3 inches of space.

Step 4

Repeat on the other side, this time alternating with the first side so that the second side's pickets cover the first side's spaces and vice verse.