Destruction of private lawns by cars is a problem that many communities must deal with. This is of particular concern in areas where there are no sidewalks or other dividers. Vehicles pass on the right or don't allow enough space to make a proper turn and cut into private yards, destroying lawns. Placing rocks or boulders around a lawn will only cause damage to vehicles when drivers try to take a shortcut or miscalculate a turn. Planting trees or shrubs may prevent destruction of the ground, but even these will suffer harm.

Driving off the edge of a road without a sidewalk destroys the landscape..

Step 1

Place metal guard rails at the corner where vehicles sometimes drive into the edge of the lawn to make turns or take shortcuts. Contact your city or county road commission or similar agency to learn about local requirements.

Step 2

Install rubber posts, rather than metal ones, 5 feet apart along the edge of the roadway. They will give drivers a visual cue to avoid your lawn but minimize damage to vehicles that may still hit the grass.

Step 3

Install sturdy picket fencing or chain link fencing along stretches of road where there is no walkway.

Step 4

Dig trenches 2 to 3 feet deep along the entire side of the roadway where the lawn is being damaged. Before you dig, confirm that the trenches are the required distance from the pavement, as your state department of transportation mandates.