How to Make Bamboo Fencing. Bamboo fencing can bring a taste of the Orient into your backyard. Durable and weather-resistant, its natural color and texture will complement almost any landscape. The best part is you can make a bamboo fence in an afternoon just by following these steps.

Make Bamboo Fencing

Step 1

Dig holes that measure 1-foot deep and a minimum of 4 feet apart, using a spade or post-hole digger.

Step 2

Insert the bamboo posts in the holes. Use a string to ensure the tops are level. Tamp down post holes after filling.

Step 3

Mark the inside of the posts at 6, 12 and 24-inch intervals from the top. Drill pilot holes through the posts at each marking to keep the bamboo from splitting.

Step 4

Attach your keyhole saw to a drill and bore out the holes. When the bit is in the hole increase power slowly and drill completely through the post. Repeat for each post.

Step 5

Hammer 24-inch long rebar into the ground to secure the posts. With each post over the rebar push down firmly until the rebar is through the bamboo's diaphragm.

Step 6

Cut the straightest canes for the cross boards to match the inside dimensions of the bamboo fence's panels. An extra inch must be allowed for the bamboo to be inserted ½-inch into the post. Once you know the position of each piece drill a ½-inch hole in each post.

Step 7

Insert the crosspieces. When in place, rotate each one until straight. Nail to the post with a nail long enough to penetrate the post. Avoid striking the bamboo with the nail or it may crack. If you are having difficulty installing a crossbar, enlarge the hole with a wood rasp.

Step 8

Tie on the vertical canes. Use a string to ensure they are level. Trim the cane facing upward to then nearest joint end.