How Can I Make a Fence Taller?

So you have a 6-foot fence in your backyard, but you need an 8-foot fence? Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to make a fence taller. Depending upon the type of fence you have, it can be simple or more complicated, but definitely easy for any homeowner to accomplish. Extending a chain length fence would require a bit more work. Making a wooden fence taller only requires adding more wood slats to the existing wood slats. This article will discuss how to make a block wall fence taller.

How Can I Make a Fence Taller?

Step 1

Determine how much taller you need to make your fence. Adding a foot of extra fence to a block wall only requires making a pony wall a foot tall, securing it to the block wall, and attaching attractive wood slats to the yard side.

Step 2

Measure the length of the wall to determine the amount of material you will need. Measure and cut 2-by-4 lumber so you have enough 1-foot wall supports to extend the length of the wall, placing one every 16 inches on center.

Step 3

Create a bottom wall plate by screwing down 2-by-4 material along the top of the concrete wall. Pre-drill holes in the block every 16 inches using a masonry bit and a drill motor.

Step 4

Place the lumber on the wall and screw it down through the pre-drilled holes with 1/4-inch by 4-inch galvanized concrete screws and a screw gun.

Step 5

Nail the 1-foot wall supports to the wall plate every 16 inches on center. Use a nail gun and 16-penny nails. Put the nails in at an angle--two on each side, to prevent the boards from twisting.

Step 6

Place a 2-by-4 wall plate across the top of the wall supports. Nail the plate straight down through each wall support using 16-penny nails and a nail gun.

Step 7

Attach 18-inch-by-3-inch fence slats to the yard side of the pony wall right next to each other the entire length of the wall. The fence slats provide the necessary privacy. Place a nail through the fence slats into the top and bottom plates.