How to Make Fencing With Branches

Fencing made from log posts and branches is known as "wattle fencing" and dates back to the Bronze Age. It was originally used to contain livestock, and forming it has become a lost art. This type of fence is elegant yet rustic and also economical. Making wattle fencing can be a fun and fulfilling do-it-yourself project for landscapers when they follow a few steps.

Wattle fencing is strong if constructed properly.

Step 1

Using the hatchet, chop up the amount of logs needed to create the fence posts until they are all 5 feet long. The number of logs you will need will vary depending on how long you want your fence to be. You will need 1 log for every 2 feet of fencing.

Step 2

Sharpen the bottom of each post into a point using the hatchet.

Step 3

Gather a substantial number of branches to act as the fence paneling. This amount will also vary in depending on the size of your fence. Willow branches are ideal but most types of tree branches will suffice.

Step 4

Soak the branches in water overnight so they will be pliable. You can do this by leaving them in a bath tub or hosing them down really well.

Step 5

Using the mallet, drive each log post 1 foot into the ground using your mallet to form a straight line. Leave 2 feet of space between each post. Each post will now stand 4 feet above ground.

Step 6

Weave the branches between the log posts and tie off the ends using hemp string. Leave approximately 1 inch between each branch.

Step 7

Cut off the branch ends using the bypass loppers.