Water walls can be a stunning focal point in your garden or backyard. Building a water wall from rocks, slate or Plexiglas is an easy project that you can complete quickly when you have the necessary materials. Whether you decide to stack slate or glue stones to a garden wall, select the space for your water wall showpiece that offers the best visibility from your home and yard.


Step 1

Purchase the materials for your water wall at your local home improvement store or landscape supply store. Stacking slate for a water wall requires a lot of material, but the end result is worth the effort. Use a preformed pond liner as the reservoir for your water wall. Read the specifications on the different water pumps and purchase one that has enough power to send the water to the top of your wall. River rock, slate or cobblestones work to fill in the reservoir. Water lilies and koi add special effects to your water wall.

Step 2

Mark the area for your reservoir and dig a hole for the pond liner and level it so that the reservoir is even. Place the pond liner in the hole.

Step 3

Mix the cement according to the manufacturer's instructions. Place a thin layer of cement on the ground where you will stack your slate wall. Run the notched edge of your trowel along the surface of the cement. Place a row of slate on top of the cement layer, pressing the slate firmly into the cement.

Step 4

Alternately layer the cement and the slate as you stack your water wall to the desired height. Let the cement dry.

Step 5

Attach the plastic tubing to the pump and place it into the reservoir. Run the tubing up one side of the slate wall or inconspicuously through the stones in the middle to the top. Wide water walls may need more than one pump and tube to completely cover the rock face.

Step 6

Add plants and river rock in and around your reservoir for added appeal. Cattails and water plants bring natural beauty to your pond reservoir.

Step 7

Fill the reservoir with water. Turn on the pump and make adjustments as needed for the strength of the water flow.