How to Bolt a Gazebo to a Stone Patio

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Things You'll Need

  • Predrilled angle iron mounting angles

  • Carpenter's pencil

  • Concrete anchor bolts

  • Masonry drill bit

  • Hammer drill

  • Safety glasses

  • Hand-held air bulb

  • Hammer

  • Socket set

  • 3/8-inch ratchet handle

  • 3/16-inch drill bit

  • Variable speed drill motor

  • 3/8-inch-diameter lag bolts, 3 inches long

Bolting a gazebo to your patio will protect your gazebo from damage in the event of high winds. Since gazebos are relatively lightweight, high winds can topple the gazebo, causing structural damage. In addition to some specialized tools, you will need to provide an anchor point between the stone patio and the wood framing of the gazebo.


Step 1

Place one predrilled angle-iron clip against each lower side of your gazebo, resting flat on the surface of the stone patio.

Step 2

Mark each hole of the iron mounting angle with a carpenter's pencil. You need to have one mark on the wood gazebo support and one on the surface of the stone patio.

Step 3

Remove the mounting angles from the their locations and read the installation instructions for the concrete anchor bolts to determine the size of the hole you need to drill into the stone patio for the anchor bolts.


Step 4

Insert the masonry drill bit that matches the hole size specified by the concrete bolt installation instructions into the chuck of the hammer drill. Put on your safety glasses.

Step 5

Align the tip of the masonry drill bit onto one of the pencil marks that you placed earlier on the surface of the stone patio, pull the trigger of the hammer drill and drill a hole to the depth specified by the concrete installation instructions. Repeat the procedure to drill a hole at each marked location on the surface of the stone patio.

Step 6

Clean the drilled hole in the stone patio by blowing air into the hole with a hand-held air bulb, place a concrete anchor bolt into the hole and drive the anchor bolt into the hole with a hammer.


Step 7

Remove the hex nut from the end of the concrete anchor bolt; slide the mounting angle onto the concrete anchor.

Step 8

Attach the socket that matches the nut of the concrete anchor onto the 3/8-inch ratchet handle, place the socket on the hex nut of the anchor bolt and turn the ratchet handle clockwise to lock the mounting angle onto the stone patio. Repeat the process to install all the mounting angles to the stone patio.

Step 9

Insert the 3/16-inch drill bit into the chuck of the variable-speed drill motor and drill a hole into the support of the gazebo at each location where the mounting angle meets the gazebo.


Step 10

Place a 3-inch-long, 3/8-inch lag bolt into the socket attached to the 3/8-inch ratchet handle and insert the tip of the lag bolt into the hole that you drilled into the gazebo.

Step 11

Turn the ratchet handle clockwise to thread the lag bolt into the gazebo, securing the mounting angle. Repeat the procedure to complete the process of bolting your gazebo to your stone patio.



C.L. Rease

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