How to Use A Bed Liner Coating on a Wooden Deck

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 gallon of roll-on bed-liner paint

  • Paint stirrer

  • Paint can opener

  • Paint roller tray

  • 3-inch paint roller brush

  • 3-inch roller with 3/4-inch nap

  • 2-inch foam brush

  • Broom

  • Water hose and sprayer


Make sure the temperature is above 50 degrees for best drying time.

Do not paint if it might rain within 24 hours of painting or during painting.

Bed-liner paints are great for other things beside truck-bed liners. The bed-liner paints create a nonslip and textured surface for garage floors, boat docks, boats and wood decks. For wood decks, the bed-liner paint not only creates a nonslip surface, it also protects the wood from rotting and deteriorating quickly compared to a nontreated deck surface. Applying bed-liner paint is an easy process that can be done in little time. When choosing a bed-liner paint, read the specifications on the paint can for surfaces you can apply it to. Some bed-liner paints may specify that they are only for metal surfaces. Pick a bed-liner paint that says it can be applied to wood or any clean dry surface. You also want to pick a bed-liner paint that can be applied with a roller.


Applying Bed-Liner Paint to Wooden Deck

Step 1

Using the hose and sprayer, spray off any dirt or debris from the deck surface and allow to dry.

Step 2

After your deck has dried, sweep off any remaining dirt or debris with a broom.

Step 3

Open the can of bed-liner paint and stir thoroughly with a paint stirrer so the texture particles in the paint are evenly mixed throughout the paint.


Step 4

Pour some paint in your roller tray, filling up the bottom part of the tray, but not so much as to cover the sloping part of the tray.

Step 5

Attach your roller to the roller brush and dip the roller into the paint, getting just the bottom part of the brush wet with paint.

Step 6

Roll the brush up and down the slope of the paint tray, making sure to get all sides of the roller brush wet.

Step 7

Take the roller brush with paint on it and roll it on to one plank of your deck, going up and down the plank.


Step 8

Reapply paint to the roller brush when the paint on the brush stops covering the plank.

Step 9

After you have painted the entire plank, move on to the next plank of the deck and continue until you have painted all of the planks on your deck.

Step 10

When you run out of paint in the roller tray, stir the paint can again and pour more paint into the tray.

Step 11

After you have painted all of the deck that you can with the roller brush, take your foam brush and dip it into the paint, applying it to areas the roller brush could not reach.

Step 12

Allow 24 hours for the bed-liner paint to dry and reapply the paint to any spots that are not covered completely or where you can see the color of the wood through the paint.