How to Kill Ticks on a Patio With Bleach

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Things You'll Need

  • Protective clothing

  • Bleach

  • Water

  • Plastic bucket or container

  • Mop, sponge or push broom


Create a barrier between any woods and your yard. A gravel, wood chip or similar barrier that is about 3 feet wide works well. Don’t forget to clean your animal’s bedding and crate, if applicable.

Keep your patio and yard free from tick infestations.

Ticks require a host to feed and breed, sometimes transmitting diseases such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the process. And, that host could be your dog, child or even you. They lie in wait for the next victim, often in grasses and overgrown areas. If you are experiencing high incidences of ticks and have noticed ticks on your patio, bleach will kill and get rid of them until you can get the rest of your lawn, woods or other infected areas under control.


Step 1

Wear clothing that protects your skin from ticks. Pull your socks up over your pants and wear a long sleeve shirt, hat and gloves. Check your clothing before returning indoors.

Step 2

Dilute bleach in a plastic bucket or container. Mix 9 parts water with 1 part bleach.

Step 3

Test for color fastness in a inconspicuous spot. Use the diluted bleach just like you would for the entire patio and wait a day or two before deciding to move forward with the cleaning.

Step 4

Use a mop, sponge or push broom to apply the bleach solution across your patio. Rinse it off with your hose, but away from bushes, your garden or any other vegetation if you can.


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