How to Frame a Patio Roof

Patio roofs are important when casually relaxing on your patio. The cover protects you from the heat of the sun or the rain. A patio roof provides shelter and a sense of privacy. If you have ever sat on a patio without a roof, then you know what I mean. Exposure from the elements can make sitting on the patio less relaxing. Patio roofs come in wood, aluminum and even canvas for smaller areas. Framing a patio roof is a lot easier than it seems. With some boards, nails and a little know how, you should have no problem framing your cover.

Frame a Patio Roof

Step 1

Dig two holes, one in each outside corner of the patio roof. Insert a 4-by-4 metal post anchor into both holes and fill them with concrete. Let the concrete dry for a day.

Step 2

Cut a foot off of two 8 foot 4-by-4 posts.

Step 3

Attach each 4-by-4 board to a post anchor using a 1/2-inch bolt. Pre-drill a 5/8-inch hole through the board first.

Step 4

Attach a 4-by-4 post cap to the top of each post with 1/2-inch bolts. Lay a 4-by-8-by-10 header across the length of the patio and connect both sides with bolts to the anchor caps.

Step 5

Snap a line on the house wall to determine where you will attach your ledger. Mark both the top and bottom of your ledger width.

Step 6

Cut a line through and across the stucco with a concrete blade in a circular saw set for 1 1/8 inch depth.

Step 7

Cut a wire hanger to six inches and drag it through the cut in the wall. Everytime you hit a stud, make a mark on the wall.

Step 8

Hold up your 2-by-8-by-10 ledger to the marks. Every place you marked for a stud, transfer the mark to the ledger.

Step 9

Drill a hole in the ledger at each mark. Using a pneumatic screw gun, insert 5/8-inch by 4 1/2-inch lags through the ledger and into the wall studs.

Step 10

Lay the 2-by-6-by-12 roof rafters across your patio roof every 16 inches on center. Toe nail or angle nail, two 16-penny nails into the rafter boards at the header and the ledger.

Step 11

Cover the roof rafters with 1-by-8 ship-lap plywood, or TNG. Hammer an eight-penny nail straight down from the top of the roof into each rafter stud.