DIY Outdoor Stone Fireplace Grill

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DIY fireplace grill

Barbecue enthusiasts, especially those who live from the Carolinas to Texas, will tell you the only way to barbecue or grill food is slow cooking with lots of smoke. This style of cooking is very common in other areas of the world, especially China. The stone fireplace grill does not take up a lot of space and can provide both an area for slow-smoking food, as well as direct heat grilling.

Designing an Outdoor Stone Fireplace grill

Stone Fireplace Grill Chimney

Designing the chimney is the key to the complete fireplace grill. Buy a concrete 2-foot-diameter cylindrical drainpipe 4 feet long. Cut a square hole in the bottom of the pipe; align the opening directly into the adjoining fire pit. The chimney and outer wall of the fire pit are made of stone. The inside of the fire pit is made of firebrick to keep the heat from the fire from cracking the rocks.

The Fireplace Foundation

Fireplace grill foundation

The massive weight of the fireplace grill chimney will need a reinforced concrete slab to keep the chimney from sinking into the ground. Review your local building codes to determine the basic standards for the slab. The slab will be 6 inches thick, reinforced with horizontal rebar. Most building codes require the footing to be at least another 6 inches below ground. If using gas as an additional heat source, hire a professional to run the gas line correctly before pouring the concrete. Wait at least a week for the concrete to cure before placing the concrete drainpipe in place on the foundation.

Building the Fire Pit

Fireplace Grill Pit

Position the chimney in the specific location desired on the foundation. Now use a chalk line to lay out the inside wall of the fire pit. The inside diameter should be around 33 inches and the walls of the fire pit should be 24 inches high. Do a dry run first and lay the firebricks out, paying close attention to how they fit against the chimney stack. If everything is good, then apply the mortar. Now lay the firebrick floor. Once the bricks are in place, apply the mortar to the fire pit floor and let it dry.

Finishing the Stone Fireplace Chimney

Patio stone grill

Starting with the chimney base where the fire pit attaches, apply mortar and start placing the stones around the substructure of the fireplace chimney up 24 inches to the top of the fire pit. Now using a half-inch masonry bit, drill four holes 6 inches down from the top of the chimney. Take two 24-inch lengths of rebar and pound them through the holes to the other side, making a grill holder. Now continue up the chimney until it is completely covered in stones.

Finishing the Stone Fireplace

BBQ Stone Grill

Now start on the outside walls of the fire pit. In addition, apply the stones from left to right all the way to the top of the fire pit. Do not put any stones on the top edge of the fire pit wall. Go to a local metal fabricator and have a barbecue grill designed to fit on top of the fire pit walls. If using natural or propane gas for heat, then add the burner to the fire pit floor. After the mortar has dried a couple of days, fire up the new stone fireplace grill.

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